Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Paper or Plastic? Deadline to change pilot certificates is coming up!!!

If you have a paper pilot certificate (not the temporary ones), you will not be able to exercise your privileges, simple as that , after March 10th 2010 unless you change it to a plastic one. Please read the articles below to see how it is done.


Deadline approaches for plastic pilot certificate

Paper pilot certificates will no longer be valid after March 31, 2010, so make sure you’ve upgraded to a plastic certificate. The FAA mandated the change because it says the plastic certificates are more counterfeit resistant. Pilots can request the plastic certificate through the FAA’s Web site or by mail. The cost is $2, but if you change your pilot certificate number from your Social Security number, the switch is free. Temporary, student, and flight instructor certificates are not impacted by the rule.

From the FAA:

Paper Pilot Certificates Expire March 31, 2010

Pilots cannot exercise the privileges of their PAPER pilot certificates after March 31, 2010.
Certificates issued under 14 CFR Part 63 and 65 will expire March 31, 2013.

FAR 61.19(h) reads:
Duration of pilot certificates. Except for a temporary certificate issued under §61.17 or a student pilot certificate issued under paragraph (b) of this section, the holder of a paper pilot certificate issued under this part may not exercise the privileges of that certificate after March 31, 2010.

To Change your certificate number from your SSN and request a replacement click here.

To Replace your Airmen Certificate click here.

Is your pilot certificate plastic?