Saturday, December 26, 2009

The art of landing

It is hard to practice landings when you are at home, obviously, sure you can read about it but you soon realize that actual practice makes better (no one is perfect). Having said that, below are some articles with videos and graphics that allow you to "see" the landing and you can pause to think about it. I love the Sporty's Private Pilot course but if you don't have or want a supplement check this out.

AOPA's flight training magazine Jan 2010 has an article on pg 22 "10 online resources for better takeoffs and landings" by Rob Krajcik that I just read and looked at the sites. Some things cost money , I didn't buy those, probably some great info I am missing??

The links below are free, I looked at them - and liked them and in order that worked for me, each person is different and learns differently.

6. Stabilized approaches from the great folks at UND all the podcasts are great!

Jason Miller's podcast on Spot landings - a whole bunch more at his site the finer points' directory of videos and podcasts

3. AOPA's Budd Davis website article "100 secrets to a perfect landing". Please join AOPA as a student it is only $19 and you can get the Flight training magazine for free for 6 months. It is consistently full of useful information.

2. AOPA's online Safetycast "The ups and downs of Takeoffs and Landings", some o t

1. FAA safety program online resource with some landing and approach documents and videos
you do have to have a log-in for this but it is really worth it! A huge resource of information for free, well you paid taxes so it is yours for the asking.