Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a risky manuever caught on tape

Seems a bit contradictory until the end, when the pilot gives his experience and AOPA gives many examples where it does NOT work out.

Here is an older post of mine with a review of what to think about on takeoff

AOPA - Air Safety Foundation

33L is coming back uh, something is wrong with the engine... - Dave Keller, AOPA member since 2004

Caught on tape: Watch aerial footage of the impossible turn
Dave Keller needed to land immediately - but rather than landing straight ahead or off to the side, he chose to execute the "Impossible Turn" back to the airport: a risky and often fatal maneuver. With aerial footage captured by Keller's own video camera, this Real Pilot Story puts you in the right seat as the event develops. Learn why returning to the runway below pattern altitude is a dangerous gamble in the AOPA Air Safety Foundation's latest Real Pilot Story: The Impossible Turn.
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