Tuesday, December 08, 2009

30% chance of snow

I went on a long trip recently, not long in the distance but long in the fact I had to look at weather forecasts way out (5-7 days) to make my decision on if we should go and could we come back. The plan was to leave Wednesday and return on Sunday. The forecast said there was a 30% probability of snow on Saturday so I thought worse case scenario all would be fine by Sunday afternoon. It snowed both days , there was a point I thought it would not clear up but by 11am it was 2800 OVC and we were more than OK to go!

It is fun to see how the weather moves in and out and making your go-no-go decisions are based on so much more than 3 miles vis and remaining 500 feet below , 1000 feet across, 2000 horizontal!

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