Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Roger, Roger. - and other cool pilot talk

The other day flying around I responded to the controller with "Thanks" when the controller confirmed I could do something I asked for. Now it isn't wrong once in a while to say Thanks, in fact it is nice! However there is a definite way to say what you need in most cases and they don't follow normal conversation/grammar rules.  Here is what I use as a guide.

  1. Think - what are you going to say, have it planned out
  2. Listen (wait) - make sure you are not talking over someone else's transmission (aka "stepping on someone else") 
  3. Talk - be concise , follow the Pilot/Controller Glossary when able and if not just communicate so everyone understands
With time ,like everything else in life,  you find your pace and will anticipate what to say at what moment, and what the controller might say too and be ready to respond. check out liveatc.net to hear pilots and aircraft controllers for example Punta Gorda @ http://www.liveatc.net/search/?icao=KPGD

Part of the AIM is the Pilot/Controller glossary. It is similar to an aviation dictionary. However, the meaning of words that we use flying may not be what them mean when we are not flying.
Roger seems to be one of those words that can be misused. "Roger" means - I have received all of your last transmission. That is all it means. It is not an answer to a questions requiring a yes or no answer. If you or the controller want to say yes then you would use the word "Affirmative".

Should you read the Pilot/Contoller glossary? -Affirmative! The most often used terms are in BOLD letters.

                                        Roger, Roger. What's your Vector, Victor?