Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wyoming flying lesson #4276

I am not exactly sure which lesson number it is put its up there! :)

The other day on a flight to Rocksprings, WY RKS  I noticed on the sectional that just south of KTHP (Hot Springs Thermopolis airport, green arrow) was a frequency box for an ASOS (red circle). I was kinda looking for the line that connects the frequency box back to the airport, like sometimes in congested airspace. 1) it isn't congested airspace 2) I was baffled. Then when I tuned  in the frequency I realized it only shared the name of Thermopolis and it was in fact a weather station on a mountain not attached to any airport. How convienent to have the current weather as you fly over changing terrain.

I found another at south pass just south KLND Lander airport, WY.