Friday, March 16, 2012

Wings over Worland 2012

Nora on her first flight in a small plane

 March 10th, 2012 was the first Wings over Worland (WY).  This event is how Lisa Martin and myself contributed to Women in Aviation Week  March 5-12. Women in Aviation week is a time that women pilots can try to reach out and introduce girls and other women to the opportunities that aviation has to offer. Worland is a small community with a poplution just over 5,000. Our goal was to open the event to everyone. Thankfully we were able to get a great article in the Northern Wyoming Daily News. After the article was published we started to get flooded with responses! We thought if we got one person we would have reached our goal. We got over 20.
Plan A was that Lisa fly and I would be the ground staff. We were quickly on Plan B, we would both fly.

We started the day with a quick pre-flight discussion about what makes a plane fly, some possbile careers and how to start the process of learning how to fly. Then we were off to the skies, the weather could not have been more pleasant 70s, sun shining and a calm wind. Wings over Worland was a success! We had a safe event , we exposed young and not so old to something that is within the grasp of everyone with the desire to learn.

Thank you so much to all that helped us make this a great event; Sky Aviation, Northern Wyoming Daily News, local pilot community that supported our efforts. We could not have done it with out you, thanks!