Monday, July 13, 2009

Wings of History Museum

Right in the backyard of South County airport is the Wings of History Museum. Today after taking some friends on a flight, Maria and I went to visit the museum. It is really well done. After giving a small donation we got a brief tour of where the volunteers do their magic in restoring a WIDE variety of planes, in various stages of repair. One of the buildings had wooden propellers that are being re-done and they were beautiful works of craftsmanship. They do such amazing work, truly a labor of love.

There were 2 main buildings with different airplanes (click to see the list) a big selection from an actual replica of the Wright Brother's plane, some quirky planes and some really interesting WWII memorabilia.
A 1956 Vicker's Viscount cockpit that you can sit in and play with the controls and play with the buttons. I got the feeling that I get when I sit in an older plane, and that is the pilots back then had to "work" for it.

It was fun! and reminds me to be a tourist where you live.