Sunday, January 04, 2009

Learn to Fly

Max Trescott, 2008 CFI of the year has done a great job with a comprehensive guide on learning how to fly, how to start and FAQs about the training (plus it is free!). There are soo many resources available but his really sums it up best the next best step after reading Max Trescott's book is go to your local flight school and take an introductory flight. 

If you are in the San Jose to Hollister area of California, please check out Magnum Aviation in San Martin or call for more information at 408-683-4102.

Free New Learn to Fly ebook

Learn to Fly ebook CoverAs pilots know, learning to fly is non-trivial. Many express the desire to learn to fly, yet few actually accomplish the goal. One reason is that it’s not easy for a neophyte to figure out what to do to earn a pilot certificate. To help with the problem, I’ve created a free new Learn to Fly ebook.

Now I need your help. Please take a moment now and download the free ebook. Then email it to any friends who’ve ever expressed an interest in learning to fly. For those that respond, take them on a demo flight and help them find a flight instructor or flight school.

Sadly, the number of licensed pilots has decreased more than...

25% since 1980. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon all of us to help reverse this trend. If we don’t all recruit one or more people to become a pilot, our numbers will continue to shrink. If our numbers become so small that politicians can afford to lose our vote, Congress will levy new aviation taxes and fees that will adversely affect our industry.

I'm continuing to work on improving the ebook, so please email any suggestion you have on how to make it more effective. Also, feel free to post a comment to this article on ways that you’re working to get more people involved in aviation.