Friday, January 09, 2009

Learn to fly this year!

Have you always wanted to be a pilot? Yes of course! Most students are drawn to flying for reasons they can't really explain except it is something they have always wanted to do. It could be because of a challenge or the adventure of flying  airplane yourself or perhaps the beauty of what you see as you fly in our beautiful country . There are as many reasons as there are pilots.

If you are thinking of flying lessons, you probably already looked on the Internet for information and there are a lot of websites ( a lot! ). Assuming you don't know a private pilot, because clearly they will be your best source of information, I suggest either the FAA's site or AOPA's learn to fly page as a start. Then go to your local flight school and ask questions or better yet take an introductory flight. What is an introductory flight you ask, well briefly , you meet a possible instructor and take a short flight.  There will be tons of information and you will be hooked, I guarantee it! The first step is the hardest but it is so worth it, you are realizing a lifelong dream. If not now, when????

I happen to work in the San Jose area and primarily teach at the South County airport in San Martin , CA.  Magnum Aviation has a growing fleet of planes and great prices for them and the instructors, please check us out and call 408-683-4102 for more information on learning how to fly.