Sunday, November 26, 2006

Is this a good time to start flying lessons??

In the San Francisco Bay area, asking the question "is this a good time to start flying lessons?" in the winter is an often asked question.

It is easy to say no because the weather makes it difficult now, but the truth is, it is a more complicated answer.For example in Florida, it rains every day at 2pm during the summer but many flight schools are in Florida because of the great flying weather. Every part of the country has some weather issue that restricts flying at some time of the year. So there is more to it, than the seasonal rain.

If you and your instructor have compatible schedules, if you follow a syllabus , and if you dedicate yourself to flying when the weather is good and studying when it isn't.........then this is just a good as time as any.

If you have taken your first flight you probably been bitten by the "flying bug" and it is hard to stop the process. Flying is such an interesting blend of science and art that it appeals to many people. Check out the webcam and weather at San Carlos Airport (SQL)