Friday, September 29, 2006


Tomorrow I have a flight and thought I should check to see if there are any TFRs in or around where we will be flying. Of course my first instinct is to go to AOPA and I find that that they post it in two places different information. The FAA has it listed and on a map you can click on how you want to see it, and I think the FAA made it easier than AOPA.

AOPA -First are the presidential or VIP type TFRs the second place to look is with there "Real-Time flight planning service" when you zoom out to see the whole state you see some circles that when you rollover them show the TFR if you left click them a window pops up with the information for them

Another way to find out about TFRs is when you call for your weather briefing you can ask if any affect you route of flight.

Because I checked this, I noticed that my flight on Saturday will be to another airport due to a TFR at the Salinas Airport (they are having an airshow).