Sunday, November 04, 2012

Decode Abbreviations in NOTAMS

!WRL 09/003 WRL AD CLSD FIXED WING WEF 1209241400-1209260200

ACTG acting GEN
ACTV active GEN
ACTVT activate GEN
ACW aircraft control and warning GEN
ACYC Anticyclonic NWS
AD Aerodrome ICAO
ADA advisory area ATC
ADAP Airport Development Aid Program GEN
ADC Aerodrome chart ICAO
ADCF Air Defense Control Facility GEN
ADCON advise or issue instructions to all
ADCUS advise customs GEN
ADDN addition GEN
ADE Air Defense Emergency GEN
ADF automatic direction finder GEN
ADFAP automatic direction finder approach ATC
ADIZ air defense identification zone GEN
ADJ adjacent GEN