Monday, July 30, 2012

Poker Run

Wow! Another fun day flying. Lisa and I did our best to organize a Poker Run around the airports in WY. It worked out to be a success. For a while we thought it would just be us two :)

7 or 8 planes participated with 14 players in total. The airports/FBOs were great and helped us with placing the cards at each airport. The winner won $32 bucks, half of the pot, not even gas money but that wasn't the point. It was for "the fun of it" and meeting other pilot's in Wyoming!

There are great organizations to belong to as a pilot, get out there and join one! They always have fun events going, BBQs,fly-outs, etc . The Wyoming Pilot Association is an active group here. It is easy enough to Google a local one in you area and well worth that first akward meeting. You will be suprised how welcoming these groups are.