Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh the places you will go! - Dr Seuss

I often try to challenge myself with different things in aviation. I almost never turn down a flight ,  I enjoy reading other's perspectives on manuevers, going to airshows, seminars, new ratings, it's endless .... There has never been a time that I have not enjoyed learning something about flying. It might be that I learned what not to do. Even when I fail at it, its so much fun :)
Moving to Wyoming I came with my Florida/New Jersey/California filter of what flying is about. I was excited to learn something new, I don't even know what I don't know and that is fun for me! We live in a small city now, very small to me, the aviation opportunities are less than a hand full.
I met some great pilots in less than a month! I even went flying, I am confident I will continue my passion here too. Will it be easy? No I don't have extra money to rent a plane but I will rent a plane if only now and again. I plan on enjoying it A LOT! There are no opportunites to instruct so that is out, for now. Things can change and often do.

The pictures are from a recent flight I took in a Super Cub - so much fun and beauty. I saw rivers, canyons, herds of elk running, snow, Big Horn mountains and best of all made a friend that shares my interest in flying.
(this picture looks fake to me, but it isn't I took it)