Saturday, September 04, 2010

"position and hold" will now be" line up and wait"

The other day at  work the air traffic controller told me to "position and hold runway 31 left", which means that I can position on the runway centerline and be at the ready to hear the next instruction which will be that I am cleared for takeoff. I prepare for the next clearance to happen in a short amount of time because it the 'position and hold" instruction is used when the controllers are trying to expedite takeoffs and landings. While I wait I make sure that I have completed my pre-takeoff checklist , my 30-second review and think about my departure altitude, direction, etc.

I did one loop in the pattern , landed and when radio traffic pattern permitted I asked about the upcoming
change in that wording of "positon and hold" to "line and wait". Yuck! I hate the change only because I know the other way :) not a good reason, really. Anyway even though the change is due to happen Sept 30 the controller said it may actually happen later, kinda interesting I think.

It will be an adjustment but like flying there is always change and the ability to adapt is necessary.I  took a course on the change but it included lots of other great runway marking information and to avoid runway incursions at