Thursday, July 01, 2010

TFR and Notam search - updated

A couple of months ago (or longer) how to search for NOTAMs changed in appearance on the FAA website. I combined both the TFR and Notam search in one youtube video.
Below is a link to a list of the abbreviations, but if you are in doubt you can always call 1-800-Wx-brief they can help you decifer 

NOTAM is an abbreviation for Notice To AirMen. The Aeronautical Information Manual  in Chapter 5-1-3 defines it as
Time-critical aeronautical information which is of either a temporary nature or not sufficiently known advance to permit publication on aeronautical charts or in other operational publications receives immediate dissemination via the National NOTAM System. 

It goes on to say that it is information that could affect your decision to fly