Saturday, April 10, 2010

Captain Dawra

Way to go Captain! I was a bit caught off guard by his flying skills and didn't bring my camera to take a video (boo hoo). More importantly he did it.

His voice sounded so confident as he went around the pattern, it was a good sign. The pattern was getting busier but no worries he made his calls, all looked good on final and voila a good landing solo. No instructor bugging him about speeds, altitudes (that would be me), etc. It was up to him and as you can see a very confidence building lesson.

My favorite writer in AOPA's flight training magazine wrote about teaching and learning , it hits home after Captain Dawra's solo. Raplh Butcher referenced another writer Glen Williamson that said "to teach someone is a somewhat meaningless term. I cannot teach anyone anything; I can only help them to learn something-maybe". That is so true!
 If you study and want to learn, you will.