Saturday, March 20, 2010

100 yr anniversary of women flying

March 8th was the 100 yr anniversary licensed women pilots. There was an event where women were to try to introduce other women to aviation started at this website, to commemorate it. I was unable to fly the 8th, the weather did not allow it, but it was a week long event and  I made it out the next day. I took a mom-friend of mine and we flew over my daughter's all girl kindergarten class. I figured I would be double dipping and it was a win-win for while  I  contributed to the worldwide flight.

Below is the history behind the event and my certificate of completion.

It started in 1784, when only 8 months after the first manned balloon flight, Count Jean-Baptiste de Laurencin got cold feet and gave his spot for a balloon flight to Marie √Člisabeth Thible, a French opera singer. She dressed as a Roman goddess and sang "La Belle Ars√®ne", a celebrated opera of the time, as the balloon ascended to 1500 meters. She is was the first woman ever to fly. 

Brevet de pilote de Raymonde de LarocheA few years later, riding along was not good enough for women anymore. Jeanne Labrosse was the first woman to fly solo in an aircraft. It is no surprise that just a few years after the airplane was invented, women were taking on the new challenge. Raymonde de Laroche, an experienced French balloonist became the first woman to earn a pilot license.

My certificate of participation 
They also had a map of all the participants  below is me, it was fun to see a bunch of my friends did it too!