Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The FAA is here to help

The FAA has some great tools for us pilots, students and licensed pilots. Sign up at to get information specific to your needs and area.

Also check out their notices or local aviation events or an endless resource of information

Here is an update I received today:

Runway Safety Tip

Notice Number: NOTC1697

During investigations of actual runway collisions, it has been learned that there were cues that could have provided flight crews with information regarding what was about to happen. ATC recordings, reviewed after some accidents, have contained pilot and controller transmissions that could have been used as indicators to prevent an accident.

Pilots don't have to become controllers in addition to flying the aircraft, but it's always a good idea to "listen-up," especially when you're holding on a runway awaiting takeoff clearance. You may inadvertently be cleared for takeoff with another aircraft landing or departing on an intersecting runway. Or an aircraft could be cleared to land on the runway on which you're holding.

If you're concerned about safety for any reason, speak-up and ask!