Thursday, May 07, 2009

cool "app" for learning how to fly

Well, the application is not a super fantastic iPhone application or even some nifty simulator you can buy.
It's you

The other day a prospective student called me and asked me some great questions about how I teach. Because how  you teach is , probably to a large extent , how you learn. I like to have a plan and then prepare for that plan/lesson. I use a syllabus and a course that Sporty's (online pilot shop). For me it combines in a seamless way a modern approach to learning with tried and true references the FAA provides. All of it means nothing, if you don't prepare for each lesson! You have to see what best fits you, how you learn, your time schedule, your commitment. Does the school, club, instructor, plane fit your needs?

In the ye old'n times (early 80s) when  I learned how to fly, my university had the required books I needed for flight school and that was that. Later as I added to my private pilot certificate I found all sorts of books all variations on the same subject. The difference was how it was presented some with color pictures , others with graphs some mostly  text. 

And now they are all available electronically, online, DVD and in books. It is endless, and confusing at the beginning. AOPA (aircraft owners and pilot's assoc) has a mentor program that hooks you up with someone in your local area to be like your buddy, if you don't know anyone who flies they can mabye help you find what works for you.

How do you learn? What method works best for you? Is that how your instructor teaches? Don't be afraid to ask for what you need, your instructor can tailor your lessons to YOU. If not, then maybe your CFI (certified flight instructor) can recommend someone who can.

has a great outline for how your training should go, if yours are not working then ask for your CFI's help in meeting YOUR goal.