Sunday, October 19, 2008

Take a break in your flight training

I learned yet ANOTHER lesson today and that is that taking a break in your training can really motivate your student to continue. My student wanted to take her mother to Half Moon Bay and have lunch at three-zero cafe. Which is basically what you will do once you have your license.
What a spectacular day to go flying, the weather was awesome and we had fun doing something different but really it was a practical application of the training and I think seeing that all the hard work actually pays off is motivating to continue. You can get in the rut of training and practice, there are bad days or times where it seems like the training is taking longer than you planned and you may , "wonder why am I doing this again?" A break from that to do something fun will recharge your batteries to get back to studying the FARs ( did I push my point??)

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