Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SCV99s Flying Companion Seminar

Click to play SCV99s FCS 2008
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Flying Companions: Thank you so much for coming and being part of our seminar. The Santa Clara Valley 99s and the 99s , for that matter , take pride in sharing our love of aviation with the local community. Below are some websites which support what we discussed Saturday. If you have any questions about subjects we covered please let me know and I can direct them to the person that will best answer it/them!

AOPA pinch hitter course If you only have time for one do this one.

AOPA list of their online free courses, many subjects that can help you from using the radio to using the GPS

FAA list of their online free courses (who knew!, they ARE here to help)

Sporty's list of books, DVDs and other learning tools can be found at http://www.sportys.com/ but I think that the Comm 1 DVD for VFR is a good stgart for helping you understand the radio communication portion of flying. http://www.liveatc.net/ will give you a choice of different towers that you can hear live transmissions.

.......and just for fun the movie Six Days and Seven Nights with Harrison Ford has a plane crash where he (the pilot) talks his companion through the landing.

The following is a list of 99s in our chapter that are instructors, if you are intreseted in a lesson or demo click on their names to see their biographies and contact information.

Sue Ballew

Mary Ann Dach

Lorena Kniaz

Torea Rodriguez

Fellow 99s:

Our combined effort helped the FCS glide smoothly. It is funny to think that what everyone replied when I thanked them for their help "Oh I didn't help much" BUT with everyone helping it was a breeze!

Many Thanks and of course...... blue skies and tailwinds!!