Monday, July 23, 2007

New Wings program

Effective Jan 1 2008, the Wings program will change. If you are in the middle of one you have until the Dec 31 2007 to finish.

click here for the FAA instructions given through a short video - Wings below is my very short explaination of it.

The name changes from The Wings Pilot Proficiency Award Program to Pilot Proficiency Program - wings will no longer be given out.

The process changes in many ways AND it has levels now. The process changes in that you have to complete the flight portion to the applicable PTS standards and not just 3 random hours of training at the instructor's discretion. So it could be done faster assuming you are proficient and perform to PTS the first time.

Completion of the Basic Level still counts for the BFR as per 61.56(e). OH! and there are 3 levels. Basic, Advanced and Master. Each level has three units of knowledge and 3 units of flight that have 2 each required topics and 1 each elective topics. You will have to register to see the courses available and to record your progress. When I looked at the site, it was very well outlined to MY preferences. Preferences are setup on the registration. They mention that the required tasks are taken from the past year's accident casual factors.

The seminars still count for one elective and you can register online or sign the form once at the seminar. Personally I like the registration online as I think it should be a more direct link to my progress.

How to start:

Register at
Select "Wings-Pilot Proficiency Program"
Select "Start My Wings"
fill in the blanks
Make sure to select "my Wings" at the end.

Another great thing about registering at is you can select to receive updates on a long list of subjects from local activities to TFRs to free online courses available.