Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Taxi into postion and hold" has changed
The above link is the FAA order changing the Taxi into Position and Hold procedure
Below is a summary of it.

The FAA has come out with the new TIPH procedures. These new procedures affect all airports, and at this time compliance to these new procedures is mandatory, and there are no waivers.

There are two main components:
An aircraft cannot be put into TIPH if another aircraft is cleared to land. The net affect of this will mean that aircraft in the pattern may be given a sequence number and told to continue, as opposed to cleared to land. You will not be cleared to land until the TIPH aircraft is clear of the runway.
1. Note, this will cause some confusion and should be considered when providing training to your students and check-out flights. We are used to getting our clearance right after our sequence. If the tower is attempting to get other aircraft out, this may not happen and is no normal procedure. In addition pilots will need to be reminded to get a clearance when on final, if it is not automatically provided by the tower.
There is a requirement to call out traffic to the aircraft in TIPH. This will cause additional radio traffic from the tower, and responses from pilots.

Finally, the tower will be required to staff at certain levels to handle TIPH. There are scenarios which can be envisioned with longer downwind legs to create departure holes, or in the event of a combination of staffing, Moffet not allowing extensions, where restrictions to pattern work may occur.

These procedures began Feb 5th 2007

This is not the solution everyone was looking for, however this is the solution that the FAA has come up with to allow for the TIPH process. This takes towers off of the waiver program, and as a result creates some new restrictions which we will have to participate in and become accustomed to.

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