Friday, January 12, 2007

Aerodynamics (2 of 2)

Yes the previous entry seems like an oversimplification of how an airplane flies but for me it is just enough for me to understand (what does that say?) The trick is applying it.

When you start to apply this information to each maneuver and see how it fits in your overall piloting that is when you can begin to absorb more from each lesson. Of course in the beginning you feel very behind the whole process but reading and understanding this basic concepts WILL help you. Give it time, I promise it will all click.

For example, when you practice doing stalls the only way to recover is to get the wings angle of attack lowered so that you can get the air flowing over them to produce lift again. That is Bernoulli's principle. It is not complicated to recover just lower the angle of attack and the wings will fly again. The examples continue on an on.

There comes a time where you begin to sense kinesthetically this happening and it is a huge turning point, you now are feeling the plane produce lift and or producing less of it. It is huge because you can recover before it happens and THEN as you progress you will be able to avoid it all together. You will control your airspeed and altitude and have stable approaches, without ever getting too slow on final, where the margin for recover is small.

Now the trick like I said earlier is applying the theory with practice.