Friday, November 03, 2006

Air Traffic Control Tower tour

Yesterday my chapter of the 99s gave a Brownie troop an introduction to aviation. Half of the group went to see a "preflight" of an airplane and learn about becoming a pilot and what different parts of the plane are called. My contribution was that I was an escort to the girls as they took a tour of the Control Tower.

I had not been in a Control tower since NJ, I think?? Anyway it reminded me of how important it is that every pilot go and see what they do. At the very least go and meet the people that are a HUGE part of the team that allows us the ability to fly safely. In particular in PAO, it was good for me to see how far the tower can see inbound traffic.

Pilot and student pilots can ask for a tour, with a simple call to the tower. I recommend it.

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